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Coaching to de-risk Growth and Rapid Change


The startup journey is hard! Growing and moving fast means more accelerated and complex people issues. To scale your startup, you need to scale yourself. FKTRY COACHING is a coaching program specifically built for the unique journey of rapid-growth early-stage tech startups. We coach and develop founders, and their teams, to make sure that they stay unstuck and ahead of the challenges (and the chaos). Our method is based on a layered approach that starts with founders.


Layer 1.


Rapid personal development and effectiveness,  from founder to leader, self-awareness

Layer 2.


Team dynamics, alignment, expectation setting, decision making, mediation, role modeling

Layer 3.


Leadership and awareness, narrative creation, Culture fit, Sourdoughing, onboarding, North Star direction setting

Layer 4.


Implementation and use of data/dialogue tools to help drive decision making, monitor engagement, belonging and leadership satisfaction



Coaching Programs Tailored to your needs


FKTRY COACHING tailors solutions to the unique culture, needs and stage of the founder and startup. Our methods and processes can range from the practical to the esoteric (we're good with weird), but are always grounded in a data-driven and pragmatic approach. Having been on the journey ourselves we are also mindful of the pressures, emotions, bandwidth and energy of our clients.

Behavioral, cultural, and interpersonal issues are among the biggest killers of startups, but they are seldom discussed in public - What Really Kills Most Startups


All Business Issues are Human Issues


At the org level companies are essentially a mesh of people, relationships and agreements, working together to varying degrees of harmony. That makes most, if not all, “business issues” human issues. Yet startups rarely invest the same time, resource, and process in their people and culture as they do their product. We help startups reduce and manage organizational debt and set foundations for the culture needed to support growth.

FKTRY COACHING is built on over 25 years of coaching, team development, organizational design, culture strategy and facilitation experience, in both the US and Europe. Plus the collective intelligence, methodologies, and networks of the KaosPilots and Hyper Island.


Why is this important?


As experienced coaches and entrepreneurs we enjoy helping founders build stronger, healthier, more creative, successful organizations. As investors ourselves we absolutely believe these services will help improve not only founder performance but ultimately help de-risk portfolio companies. Together we aim to fully realise individual and collective potential.


You’ve got questions?


+ What exactly is ‘FKTRY coaching’? And why do you work in layers?

The FKTRY coaching framework is specifically designed for early stage tech startups and the needs of their founders, by coaches with extensive experience of that specific context. In order to guarantee a clarity of expectations and progress in the coaching process, common focal points have been structured and layered as part our coaching programs. This also helps ensure that we are safeguarding the bandwidth of our clients, dealing with the right challenges at the right time, and neither overwhelming, by being too proactive, nor risking getting stuck and becoming too reactive. In other words the layers represent stages of development as well.

Although most of our clients require some tailoring of this program, we find our program helps our clients and their coaches to cover more ground and do it more diligently. All our coaches are hand picked to meet the strict criteria of our core team who have more than 20 years of founder and leader coaching experience.

+ Is there a difference between a coach and a mentor?

Whereas a mentor mainly transfers knowledge, often pertaining to a specific company, organization, trade, line of business or role, a coach focuses on developing his or her clients based on their choice of focus, through raising their self-awareness, clarifying their motivations, and helping them not only to act sooner and maintain productivity, but to learn even more from it through reflection and feedback (simply put).

Our coaches are all “mentor worthy” as they are required to have had the experience of founding and led a startup themselves. This ensures a level of empathy, understanding and ease of communication between client and coach that translates into quicker progress in the coaching process.

+ How much time does it take?

A FKTRY coaching process takes approximately 60-90 min every other week after a 2x2 hour initial kickoff, during which priorities are set, contexts are clarified and expectations are shared.

The process also includes elements of the coach shadowing the client in various settings in order to eliminate the clients blind spots from delaying the coaching process. This is usually 2 half days followed by a debriefings.

The coach and the client are also recommended to evaluate progress at least quarterly unless they choose to do so ongoingly.

As the client also has support from their coach between sessions when needed more time will be added when and as needed.


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