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Recruiting the right talent consistently ranks as the number one concern of startup founders. Building teams is a process that consumes a significant portion of a founder and their executive team’s time, taking up more and more time as the organization scales. FKTRY RECRUIT helps source talent for startups by leveraging the personal networks of creative industry leaders.


Tap into a Powerful Creative Network


Creative industry leaders have a unique overview of the quality, skills, experience, character, and availability of talent. FKTRY RECRUIT sources talent via the networks of these creative industry leaders across the fields of design, engineering, and product. This delivers superior candidates, vetted and personally referred by the best in the game. We fuel the network by paying a percentage of the contingency fee directly to the referrer. It’s a positive sum model in which everyone benefits.


Confronting broken Recruitment Industry Models


The existing recruitment industry model is often a frustrating experience with recruiters who don’t understand the industry or the roles delivering poorly sourced and inappropriate candidates. Each misstep eats up a startup’s valuable runway and resource. It’s time for that to change. We reject the broken methods of the recruitment industry and the extraction of value from the creative class.

The most valuable candidates for a role come via personal referral from a trusted source. We believe that the people who most intimately understand the landscape of talent are creative industry leaders. It is their networks that should be the source for talent and the creative class that should be rewarded rather than parties outside the industry.


Why is this important?


Aside from helping startups with a critical need, it’s about reclaiming the value that the creative class puts into the world. Recruitment is a $200B a year industry, and creative recruitment represents conservatively 10% of that. That is $20B of annual value ceded to operators outside the creative class, who largely do not understand or care for our people, or our industry. We believe that process is broken and that the inherent value of the trust, reputation and networks of the creative class should remain within the creative community. Together we aim to reclaim and fully realise our value.


Plug into the network


Are you a creative industry leader with an exceptional network interested in being a FKTRY People Network Node?


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You’ve got questions?


+ How does FKTRY RECRUIT work?

Once you brief us on a role, we send the roles out to a network of FKTRY RECRUIT creative industry leaders. They look into their personal networks and touch base with potential talent to see if they may be interested. If so, then we review the candidate before sending on to you. You get the candidate notes and if you like what you see an introduction, including who they were personally referred by.

+ What’s the fee?

FKTRY RECRUIT operates on a contingency fee basis of 25% of the annual salary. This is zero day invoiced 8 weeks after a successful recruit starts their role. Before you do the “we pay recruiters 15% or 20% dance (we’ve been there too), we’d like to highlight that this is not your cold calling, duplicitous, Linkedin approach genre of recruitment. It’s an incentivized referral network and the fee is necessary to incentivize the network and keep the system ticking.

+ Do you request exclusivity?

No, that’s silly. Consider us a wildcard in your usual mix.

+ What kind of roles do you help with?

The FKTRY RECRUIT network consists of leaders across the fields of design, engineering, product management, growth, and coaching, so from team level to senior positions we are happy to put roles to the network.


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