A Creative Capital Studio

Why We Exist…




As automation and AI disrupt industry, creativity will become our most valuable asset.

Yet creativity is in crisis.

A race to the bottom from sellers and downward pressure from buyers is creating an unsustainable environment that depreciates this powerful asset.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can fundamentally reshape the creative economy to align incentives for buyers, sellers, and creators.


By establishing creative expertise as an investment rather than a commodity.

By forging a creative economy based on Creative Capital rather than time.

FKTRY exists as an operating system for creatives and startups to realise this new creative economy and establish a higher order of value creation for ALL.

This not a goal we can achieve alone.

Creatives, whether you work with design, code,company culture, or strategy.

Brands, of all shapes and sizes.

We must form new alliances, facilitate collaboration, and openly exchange ideas as we work together to reshape the creative economy.